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Who We Are


Armonia is the Romanian word for Harmony. We chose this name not only to touch upon the music’s harmony, but especially to reflect our belief in the amazing power of music to overcome all differences and to bring about understanding, tolerance, spiritual unity, or, in one word, harmony. Our name is also an anagram for Romania – that spiritual space we all carry around in our hearts far away from our country. We love to share this harmony with all those who are ready to accompany us on this invisible bridge made of Romanian and universal songs between our inner Home and the outer World.

We are an amateur a cappella choir founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada, under Mr. Augustin Medan’s leadership, aiming to include all talented and music loving Romanians irrespective of their age, profession, studies or beliefs.

We made it our mission to keep the Romanian choral music alive in our community, thousands of kilometres away from its origins. The music we sing – whether it is classical music, traditional Romanian music or folk music arranged for choir, Byzantine music, or carols – expresses the joys and sorrows of a people preserving its identity as an island of Latinity amidst nations of various other backgrounds. And here we are, a bunch of Romanians in North America, continuing along the same trend with our music and traditions: we want to be part of the World, while absorbing what the World has to offer us. That’s why our repertoire also includes pieces of music from around the world as an expression of our belief that music is a boundless language of the soul, mind and spirit, which teaches us to become more loving and more tolerant.


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