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Choir Members

The Armonia Choir includes Romanians of various ages, different professions and religious backgrounds. A few of them studied music in Romania or in Canada, some sang in other choirs, and some have no music studies at all. What brings them all together is their love of music, art, and Romanian traditions. Whenever possible, the choir accepted invitations from different parishes, as well as from other Romanian organizations, and showed that understanding and spiritual unity can help bridge differences. The choir’s conductor, Augustin Medan, made an effort to help the singers embrace this tolerance and include members from all Romanian parishes.

The choir’s membership has changed continuously since its founding. Some of its members left to go wherever their destiny took them. Others came to join the choir, fascinated by music and by the choir’s mission. But all this time Armonia has been a great family, where those who like to sing and have the required talent and experience are always welcome.